Lychee Finance


It's time to talk about the tokenomics of our beautiful project!
We tried to make a unique token and we succeeded! We have written more than 1500 lines of code that makes us unique!
Name: Lychee Finance
Ticker: LYCHEE
Total supply: 100,000
Max supply: also 100,000 without the ability to mint new tokens!
Tax fee: 5%
Liquidity fee: 5%
Decimals: 18
Maximum number of tokens a team can hold: 10%
Circulating supply:
Special thanks to for a great opportunity to check if a contract is a honeypot!
For complete transparency, we have made Renounce Ownership so that you do not worry that the Tax can be changed!
We have created a smart contract (vesting) for our team's tokens - 5%