Lychee Finance


🔥NEW: staking for $LYCHEE!🔥

You can invest $LYCHEE tokens in $xLYCHEE Farm and receive rewards in $xLYCHEE tokens!

$LYCHEE rewarding holders by taxing sellers!

The more tokens and the longer you hold, the more your passive income becomes because after users sell/purchase tokens, the tax is distributed among the investors who hold the token!

$LYCHEE is a deflationary token!

Our team will hold a maximum of 10% of the tokens, that is, after a long period of our holding, we will also receive a reward in the form of tokens, for example, 500-1000 tokens, we will burn such tokens and thus reduce the number of minted tokens in circulation!

$LYCHEE is a real GEM!

There are more than 7 billion people in the world and only 100,000 tokens that will be valued over time!

$LYCHEE eternal existence!

Even without a team, our token has a bright future, because it really has a great advantage in the form of holding tokens to receive rewards and it will not increase inflation in any way!